Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Team Trials

So its been a few weeks since team trials on Gower managed to get a spot on the jr team along with Jack Ledwith and Sean Cahill .

I had a great weekend and felt it went well considering my first competition run was my first time I've surfed Gower . I found the wave pretty hard and very fluffy so it was hard enough to get to the top to set up ,I got one surf on it when it was still pretty green and it was so much better !

Prep for worlds is beginning and I plan to spend 5 weeks out in Canada training ! Until then need to focus up and get the leaving cert done !

Anyway super stoked for the summer ,here is some photos and video from the weekend !

Galway Fest

Pretty late posting this just some footage of Tuam from Galway Fest. Managed to get my loop for the first time something I've wanted to be able to do for years !!! Ended up coming first in freestyle !

Came Second in the race to Jack Ledwith who was paddling a RPM which im pretty sure is too long to race but he bet me by a mile so fair play to him !! Bet last years time by 15 seconds which is a good sign .

Huge Thanks to Barry ,Andrew and all the other organizers !

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Mid-Term Freestyle Training

With team selections for the worlds around the corner I've gotten back into the playboat ,levels at Stackallen have been great and I'm on my mid term so I've managed to get 6 sessions in over the last week or so .

Starting last Friday I went to the wave straight after my last mock exam I wasn't landing any tricks but got a few spins. Saturday was similar but was landing more roundhouses.

On Sunday I went out with Len Kelleher for a few hours on the wave ,Lens an awesome freestyle paddler and showed me a few techniques on how to stay retained on the wave and also stuff to do with relaceing instead of bouncing to start tricks.
 This session was probably the best from the week in terms of improvement. I was getting blunts round houses and some spins !!!

I got up very early on Monday and Tuesday to get some more time on the wave levels had risen and the wave was now a lot better although a bit flusher I brought my camera out on Tuesday and focused myself on putting together competition rides by the end of the two days I was scoring rides of about 100 to 110 points which I'm really happy with!

I also focused on doing moves on my offside and managed to get my left blunts down ! 

Friday and Saturday were much the same but with no camera the wave dropped again making tricks harder to set up as the wave is less steep but was still getting some good rides . 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Monday, 15 December 2014

Autumn Days

Some stuff I've been up to over the last little while also got on a few new rivers that aren't on the video keep forgetting my go pro memory card :
Autumn Days from robert kierans on Vimeo.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Broken Teeth on the Trywern

After coming home from the alps where I spent the guts of two weeks paddling every day I was suffering from post whitewater depression ! The only cure was a trip to the national whitewater center in Wales with Tullow and Lacken kayak clubs .....even though i was only told about it 9 hours in advance .

View from the tent 
After several hours of driving we arrived at the center and went kayaking straight away .Every one seemed happy to be back on some moving water!
Slide in at the put on
After a great afternoon of kayaking the group went  to the campsite to set up camp and get some food. From my own personal experience of camping, food means burnt sausages and or pot noodle ,it seemed Dale from Tullow had a different idea and I was more than surprised when i saw pizza being made from scratch and cooked by the fire !!!
Campfire Pizza 
We woke up the next morning ate some porridge and set off to the river . Tullow had brought there dynamic duo so me and David Doyle called first go in it and went for a speedy lap down the river.
Surfing in the Duo was fun for me at the back ,less so for David in the front!
Later in the day borrowed a wavesport project x and went in search for the playspot above the normal get on .Found the small but deep hole and soon discovered that my playboating skills had completely vanished since my last time in one around a year ago but i enjoyed it non the less .
Play spot behind me 
After this I decided to run the rest of the river in the playboat and got on great until I came to the aptly named ''graveyard'' section where avoiding a sneaky rock made me go over and smash my face on another rock and then another and another and another when I could feel my teeth cracking and then taste them in my mouth I thought it was time to swim .I got to the bank sat down let my boat and paddle float away for someone else to get ,I was pissed off and annoyed more than sore .
   The rest of the group who were behind me by a good bit came around the corner and got my boat and paddle they also made sure i wasn't concussed or too badly hurt .Donal then took me to first aid in the center where they also checked if i wasn't concussed and set up an appointment at the dentist in Wrexham for the next morning !
Not looking my best 
So the me to next day Donal drove Wrexham to find the dentist closed !So we headed back to the whitewater center where the group was still paddling .By this time my eye was almost swollen shut and my nose was swollen up too ! But the weather was brilliant so I took my camera out and started shooting .

Thanks to everybody that made the trip happen and everyone who helped me after my swim :)